As the inventor of the towbar, Westfalia-Automotive combines tradition, innovation and engineering excellence to set the highest of standards for the towbar and transport solutions industry. Founded in 1932 in a small factory in Germany, Westfalia-Automotive products have always been precision engineered for quality, safety and reliability and have enduring confidence among motorists all around the world.

Ideal for those who want to make the most of the British countryside, our towbars can be used to pull everything from a simple trailer right up to a substantial caravan or horsebox. So whether you’re looking to tow a caravan for a family holiday in Cornwall, or you need to tow a cycle carrier to the Scottish Highlands, Westfalia has a solution to fit your needs.

Westfalia has been designing and manufacturing high quality towbars for over 80 years. Made in collaboration with the world's leading motor vehicle manufacturers, like Volkswagen and BMW, we ensure that our towbars will perfectly match the make and model of your vehicle. This allows us to guarantee that our towbars will be the perfect fit and offer quick and easy installation.