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What Can My Car Tow?

What Can My Car Tow?

Making sure you can legally tow your caravan is vital. Failure to correctly match your car and caravan weights could lead to an expensive fine and points on your licence.

The maximum towing capacity for each vehicle is set by the vehicle manufacturer. This information can be found on the Vehicle Identification Plate (VIN plate). The vin plate can usually be found under the bonnet or on a door pillar.

It contains 4 lines of numbers:

  • 1st Line - 2500kg - Gross Vehicle Weight
  • 2nd Line - 4800kg - Gross Train Weight
  • 3rd Line - 1250kg - Maximum front axle load
  • 4th Line - 1300kg - Maximum rear axle load

The maximum towing capacity can be calculated by subtracting the gross vehicle weight from the gross train weight. If the weight in the 1st and 2nd line are identical or line 2 doesn't contain a value, then your towing capacity is zero kg. This means that your car manufacturer has concluded that your car is not capable of towing.

If you find that method a little complicated, you can use the caravan tow match guide service provided by Out and About Live.

In a few easy steps, you can discover your car's towing capacity and find all available caravans that your car can safely tow.

To use the tow match service, simply follow the link below to Out and About Live where you can put in your vehicle details and find out all the relevant information.