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About Westfalia

Inventors of the Towbar

As the inventor of the ball towbar and holder of global patents, Westfalia-Automotive has been an innovator in its field since 1932. Today Westfalia-Automotive offer over 1,700 different types of towbar, all of which are precision engineered to perfectly match each individual vehicle make and model.

Ongoing innovation combined with a focus on quality and safety, backed up by excellent customer service are all key ingredients in Westfalia-Automotive’s success.

Westfalia Engineering

For many years motorists, workshops, dealers, manufacturers and suppliers alike have placed their trust in Westfalia-Automotive products. The Westfalia-Automotive brand is widely regarded for its quality and innovation, and its products offer the very best in terms of quality, safety, reliability and performance, giving you the reassurance and peace of mind that they can be used with complete confidence.

Westfalia-Automotive has been selected seven consecutive times as the ‘Best Brand’ in the Towbar category by the readers of ‘Auto Motor und Sport’ magazine. This outstanding quality is the result of highly dedicated and motivated employees, and ongoing research and development.