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Towbars for Mitsubishi Pajero

Mitsubishi Pajero

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The powerful Mitsubishi Pajero has been in production since 1982 and is a 4-wheel drive vehicle. This stylish ATV/SUV is an elegant SUV and can be made even more practical and versatile with a Mitsubishi Pajero towbar, which is handy for off-road adventures. With a variety of towbars available for both newer and older models, the best towbar for you will depend on the age of your car and how versatile you want your towbar to be. Our range of Mitsubishi Pajero towbars includes detachable, swan neck, fixed and flange variations.

The Mitsubishi Pajero can tow a range of caravans, with some models having a huge towing capacity of up to 3300kg.

Choosing to buy a towbar for your Mitsubishi Pajero from Witter Towbars will give you peace of mind. Our Mitsubishi Pajero towbar fitting prices include the towbar, towball, vehicle electrics and fitting at your local centre. To find the right towbar for your Mitsubishi Pajero, click through the options and, for your safety, check the towing capacity of your vehicle before towing a load. To be sure that your new towbar is the exact match, click through the options to select the make, model and year your van was made. Don't forget, if you're struggling with the wide range of towbars available for your vehicle, read our handy towbar type guide, chat to us online or call one of our qualified support team on 01244 284555. For a stress-free experience, we offer a mobile towbar fitting service where we send out a professional to fit the towbar at your convenience.


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